What are the types of underwear most men used?

It is pretty remarkable when you wear a new set of pants. It feels fresh while you are taking it out in your drawer. You will find the firmness and makes it comfortable wearing it. It completes your day when you wear the right underwear. And speaking of comfortable underwear, you can buy from Daily Jocks as they offer a different set of pants for you. There will be different types of men’s underwear, and choosing is hard. It will spoil your day when you wear the wrong pants set because it will be uncomfortable. You have to look for the best website for men’s underwear, and you will know they are offering your favorite brand and popular styles.


Wearing boxes can be comfortable because it is loose and high-waisted. Although when the boxers are too tight, the fabric will start to bulge and leave you uncomfortable and show it in your clothes. It is ideal for guys to wear thin legs and narrow hips to hang the boxers. Before, wearing boxer shorts was old-fashioned, but now every man wears them because they are comfortable.

Boxer brief

It is a modern classic and the to-go pants for most men. The boxer brief combines the original boxer, but it has an additional fabric to stretch. The material used is cotton with elastane touch or modal, making it softer and silkier to touch. The design is more fitted, but it will depend on what brand you will take. It is a style with the best support and cut close to your thighs. Usually, you have to wear it higher on the hips to show off its waistband, and it sits right between the middle and top of your thighs. However, when you have good thighs and start to wear a boxer brief, it can be uncomfortable because it tightens the fabric in your thighs. It works best for more extensive and taller men, mostly with good posteriors.


It has stretchy cotton or silk modal with an elastane material to increase its definition and add a little comfort. The design has a leg hole that curves towards the top of the thigh. It is more admirable for men that have bigger thighs. The brief is the perfect underwear to show it off when working on your thighs. It sits lower in your hips, and they are suitable for a flat stomach. Also, before buying, you have to know your size and check its fabric at the back. Sometimes the brief has a high cut with less cloth in the rear, and it is uncomfortable when you start to use it. To find the right size, it must look like a Y-front.


The materials of the trunks are cotton or modal from the beech tree pulp, and it is a silky touch. It is a body-hugging type of underwear when you wear trunks compared to boxer briefs. It gives you full coverage in the rear.