Buying a Room for Rent in Bangkok –Important Points to Check Out

Buying a property in Bangkok is an important financial commitment with set of responsibilities, rewards and risks. This article provides you impartial evaluation of benefits of buying 2 bedroom for rent bangkok.

Simplicity of the property investment will often come over as very simple and lacking in the complexity. But, beauty of property investment as asset class is you don’t have to be the genius and financial whizz-kid for profit. In property investment, simplicity works and by following a few straight-forward rules you can make good money!

Attractive Rental Yields & Capital Appreciation

There is no doubt Bangkok has active rental demand, because it is popular as the business and financial center for both South East Asia and Thailand. In a lot of cases, most of the renters are the working professional that is quite appealing to landlords because of their stability.

Whereas yields & rental returns will differ depending on the location and project, they generally tend to come between 4 to 6% particularly in Central Bangkok. It is quite attractive, than other expensive global cities.

Besides, Bangkok still is developing, and is experiencing a huge boom in the mass transit extensions. It has complete potential to redefine this city, connecting the peripheral neighborhoods as well as shifting business centers over the metropolis.

Thailand Apartments Are Key

townhouse for sale Bangkok

Houses might not be appropriate for the foreigners who want to own ownership, however not with the condos. Actually, most of the ex-pats select condos whenever they buy property in Thailand. The reason is a foreigner will get full ownership on an apartment or condo. The Thailand Condominium Act actually states that foreigner can have a condo only if building is 51% owned by Thai. Today, around 20% of Bangkok condos are owned by the ex-pats, foreign investors, and residents.

Specifications of Property

Property Investors often are narrowly focused on financials of the investment; focusing on the figures like price per sqm, rental yield, discounts, and more. Main problem is condo is the home that can be lived by the future tenant or home seeker. Thus it is important to consider various details like:

  • Size & Unit Layout
  • View and Floor
  • Facilities
  • Does Unit benefit from the natural light?
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Unit orientation
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