Intervention required by many women, breast augmentation  can be performed in different ways. Among the techniques that are most gaining ground is certainly  the dual plane , an operation favored by most European surgeons and able to give various advantages.

Before proceeding with the list of reasons why it is better to opt for a solution of this type, it is advisable to explain what this particular technique consists of. The dual plane is a hybrid between submuscular and subglandular surgery which involves positioning the breast implant neither completely above nor completely below the muscle. This is positioned  in close contact with the gland,  in such a way as to interact with both tissues rhinoplasty thailand

The result of the operation is the insertion of a breast implant whose upper part is behind the pectoral muscle, while the lower part is free and directly under the gland.

An intervention of this type is particularly indicated in the case in which the chosen prostheses are anatomical or, more simply, drop-shaped. In this case, in fact, the dual plane gives the operation a very satisfying and more natural final result  in terms of shapes and proportions.

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By opting for this technique, the muscle in contact with the upper part of the prosthesis prevents it from moving laterally, rotating and repositioning itself, often common problems and mainly responsible for the revision of breast augmentation .

In any case, the dual plane adapts optimally to all situations involving the desire to increase the volume of one’s breasts. This can be performed with the same results on both lean and robust physiques.

So here are the main advantages that you can benefit from by choosing, with the advice of your surgeon, dual plane breast augmentation.

The element that more than any other characterizes the technique described for the first time by the well-known American plastic surgeon Jhon Tebbetz is  the practically perfect aesthetic result.  In fact, since the prosthesis is positioned behind the muscle, it is almost invisible. Just the additional layer represented by the pectoral muscle allows the breast to acquire  a more natural appearance , hide the operation in a practically perfect way and, even more importantly,  avoid traumas and deformations.