Skin comes into different types; common ones are dull and dry skin. A sull skin looks lackluster and even gray and feels bumpy or rough to touch. There are causes of dull skin resulting in dead skin cell buildup and happens at any age. To repair dull skin, look for a brightening serum that moisturizes and smoothes skin area.

What is a brightening serum?

A skin-brightening serum has high-performance ingredients designed to reduce discolouration and dullness. The product is designed to help visibly brighten uneven skin tone for a more uniform look. The brightening serum is effective because of the Vitamin C and ferulic acid it contains. Also, the brightening property of the serum promotes anti-aging benefits that help reduce dark spots.

Skin bleaching and skin brightening are not the same. The brighteners can add radiance to dull skin type, delivering a natural glow and come in the form of exfoliators or serums. Vitamin C serum is safe to use, even for daily use. Skin lighteners work the same, in addition to diminishing the following:

  • Discoloration
  • Darks spots
  • Acne scars

Is brightening serum the same as toner?

Brightening serum and toner served the same but with unique functions. Toners refresh skin, while serums deliver potent active ingredients. Many toners and serums are designed with active ingredients, used for specific skin types and concerns, and even for sensitive skin types.

How does dragon fruit whiten the skin?

The whitening serum contains dragon fruit as an active natural ingredient. The vitamin C serum containing dragon fruit contributes to a brighter complexion by reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and dark spots. Yes, dragon fruit has a brightening property that helps the skin lighten, many are looking at this as an ingredient in any skincare product.

Plus dragon fruit promotes collagen synthesis, which keeps the skin firm and plump.

How do probiotics work on the face?

Probiotics can decrease TEWL and boost skin dryness. So, if you have dull or dry skin, a facial whitening mask with probiotics is perfect for promoting luminous skin. Probiotics can modulate dry skin. Furthermore, probiotics decrease skin water loss, which means best for hydration. It modulates skin-barrier functions and is good as a skin moisturizer.

Indeed, probiotics are effective for skin care as it helps get healthy microbes back in balance. Balanced microbe helps reduce the following skin conditions:

  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Dry skin
  • Even wrinkles
  • Skin cancer risk due to UV damage

So, when you are shopping for a whitening serum, check the label if it contains Vitamin C and probiotics.