Test Your Movie Knowledge With The Top 100 Movie Quotes

Movies are a powerful form of media. They are short enough that you can just spend a relatively short time to watch. But they are also something that would not require multiple sessions to finish. As such, they are considered the perfect balance when it comes to storytelling.

However, one of the major issues of making a movie would be a compact story space. You can only talk about so much in one movie that you might have to cut some stuff out. In addition, you need to use clever imagery if you want to get some points across. This would make the impact of some scenes more powerful than others. Although, the most important aspect of making a scene iconic would have to be the memorable quote that a character can say.

Quotes Are More Than One Type

As much as we want to talk about our absolute favorite movie quote, that would take too much time. One thing that everyone will have to accept is that each person has their own favorite movie quote. To some, it could be because it is emotionally powerful, to others because it has a deep meaning.  Regardless, there are always strong reasons for their obsession with a famous movie line.

Movie Quotes

Not only that but you have to consider the situation in which the quote was used. It is extremely hard to break into the top 100 movie quotes of all time category. However, you can make it easier for yourself if you are looking for a certain mood or scenario. Some might use the quotes for an inspirational boost. Others can use this to feel a certain way such as to fill in a romantic vibe.

Whatever the reason for the quote is, you can easily find that can suit exactly what you need.

Say it With Passion

The famous quote could either be deep and intelligent or emotionally driven and powerful. Whatever the case may be, you would need to understand that for it to be impactful on film, you need to say it with passion. Think of some of the most famous lines spoken by a villain, they are normally so harsh that it truly frames them as evil. Those lines would instantly affect the audience when they first hear it. Accompany that with some powerful imagery and you got yourself the makings of an instant classic.