Reasons for low Testosterone and how to increase Testosterone?

We’re talking about reasons why someone might have a low testosterone level and theBest testosterone booster.

  • So, one of the largest contributors to low testosterone levels is bisphenol-A.
  • Now there’s also the issue with diabetes. If one is overweight or obese, it increases the risk of diabetes, and diabetes has also been shown to reduce testosterone levels.
  • The third reason for low testosterone levels is incomplete sleep. So incomplete sleep leads to increased cortisol levels (or another stress hormone, cortisone)
  • The fourth reason for low testosterone levels is a dietary factor such as vitamins and minerals required for testosterone production.
  • Now one thing that reduces testosterone levels is soy protein. Now it’s been shown in research that soy is chemically similar to estrogen, which can lead to decreased levels of Testosterone.

How Stress lowers Testosterone:

Stress increases cortisol levels, and cortisol is a stress hormone. Increased cortisol levels send the signal to the brain to boost the hormone gonadotropin inhibiting hormone – this leads to reduced testosterone levels – it reduces testosterone production, so Stress lowers testosterone levels.

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 What a fat lowers Testosterone: 

So, the reason is that if an individual has more fatty tissue or more fat, the adipose tissue contains an enzyme known as aromatase, and aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. So, it reduces Testosterone.

 The Dietary supplements 

Dietary supplements that suggest How to increase testosterone? Including zinc, which is important in the production of Testosterone, like vitamins E and C, can also reduce testosterone levels because vitamins E and C help maintain zinc levels.