Mistakes You Must Avoid With Your Business Cards

While business cards can definitely help your business grow in the long run, making mistakes while using business cards cankeep you from taking full benefit of these cards.

In this article, we will discuss some of the biggest mistakes people make when using their business cards. You should avoid these mistakes at all costs if you want your business cards to help your business grow. You can also use Black Metal Kards for the best results.

Using Thin Paper

When businesses want to save some money on their business cards, they usually choose thin paper for their cards. Using thin paper for your business cards is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

When you handover a thin business card to someone, the card will easily start bending, and will soon lose its shape. This will give the bearer the impression that you do not care about the image of your business and brand.

Use Good Images

Using images on your business card is not necessary, but if you have decided to do so, you must use high resolution images. Keep in mind that low resolution images can make your business card look pixelated and unattractive.

When the image is processed in your computer, it might seem like a high-resolution image. However, on your business card, it will start pixelating because the resolution is fixed. So, you should make several copies of your business card in order to see the quality of used images in real time before finalizing the card.

Don’t Use Tricky Fonts

Unique and thin fonts might look like a fun thing to use on your business cards. However, you should never make the mistake of using difficult to read and small fonts on the card. Your card should be easily readable for the bearer.