Check out these amazing Harry Potter Candles

It’s hard to watch or read the Harry Potter series without becoming drawn immediately into this world, imagining dashing down Diagon Alley or life at Hogwarts. If you’re seeking ways to add some magic to your home, you should look no further, you can check Harry Potter candles. Particular websites like Homesick offer unique fragrances influenced by Harry Potter’s wizarding world. They have a broad choice of scents that are ideal for any fan of the series. From the lush greens bordering Hogwarts castle, to the Gryffindor usual room to the wet stones. They also have Harry Potter candles inspired by some movies and books of popular locations. This collection offers the magic of the Harry Potter world to the real world and makes a perfect gift for your special someone or yourself.

For candle lovers and Potterheads alike, some collections will add to Potter vibes not only for the spooky season. The candles will make a stocking stuffer or an awesome birthday present. Below are some of the best Harry Potter candles you shouldn’t miss.

Discover some of the best Harry Potter Candles

Hufflepuff Candle

  • Hufflepuff is home to the most devoted and loyal students. This house is established by Helga Hufflepuff, the most comprehensive, and welcomes students who merit hard work, patience, fairness, and loyalty. When you light up this candle, you’ll discover yourself covered in warm aromas of chamomile, hazelnut, burnt sugar, honey, and green apple from the Kitchens.

Gryffindor Candle

  • Run away to the Gryffindor common room gold-lined and scarlet walls. And nourish your senses in the smoky scent of cedar drifting from the fireplace. Spicy cinnamon promotes determination and courage that’s necessary for true Gryffindors while notes of nutmeg, lemon zest, amber, sandalwood, and vanilla with revitalizing, rich aroma. You can close your eyes and deeply breathe, you might able to imagine Ron, Harry, and Hermione gathered around the fireplace organizing their next adventure.

Harry Potter candles

Slytherin Candle

  • Slytherin candle highlights base notes of our wood, suede, and oakmoss matched with mid notes of vetiver, dark plum, and tapestry. The scent of clove, stone walls, and lake water finished this enticing aroma that sets the tone for those who are classified into Slytherin. Home of the most ambitious, cunning, and usually conspiring students of wizarding and witchcraft, Slytherin is covered by an air of darkness that interprets appealingly in this peculiar fragrance.

Hogwarts Three Wick Candle

  • Seeking a special treat for your loved ones or yourself, you can take the train going to Hogwarts and experience the scents of lush greens and wet stones as you go about the castle with a Hogwarts candle. You’ll be appareled in the fragrances of morning dew, fir needles, cool air, cypress leaves, and many more.