Why Formula One is an Incredible Sport

Formula one is very popular around the globe. In fact, hundreds of millions of people watch every Formula One race in every circuit. There are lots of circuits around the globe in many countries, and Formula One competition takes place in different circuits every year.

Moreover, there are lots of websites and YouTube channels dedicated to F1 races. You can follow them and keep getting updates about new F1 cars and drivers throughout the year.

In this article, we will tell you why Formula One is an incredible sport.

It is Simply The Best

Formula one is named so for a reason. It is simply the Best of all the races around the globe. Since Formula One cars are the fastest cars in the world, you will surely enjoy watching the races.

When you are a Formula One fan, you can boast that you watch the fastest cars competing against each other.

Formula one cars cost millions of dollars to make, they are the fastest, or driven by the best drivers, and their races are the most expensive ones.

There Are Various Different Tracks

Formula 1 races are organized on different circuits and tracks from the globe. These include private circuits and public roads depending on the race conditions.

So, you can enjoy watching formula 1 races on different circuits every time. This is one of the few things unique to Formula One races.

There Are Lots of Things Going on in Every Race

Formula 1 races are not like regular car races. Instead, there are lots of things going on in every Formula One race. For example, changing the tires, laps, F1 qualifying, and other technical details are difficult to understand at first. So, you will definitely enjoy the learning curve when you start watching Formula One races.