Why do you have to use organic herbs and spices in your food?

People are using herbs and spices in their food to add flavor and make the food tastier. You have to use herbs and spices in your food because it gives you nutrients, strong immunity, and fight diseases. It is the same with organic produce, the organic herbs and spices are now available in the market and in the https://tweedrealfood.com/. When using the spices from these sources you get more nutrients compared to when you are using regular non-organic products. It is also the reason why people are using organic spices because it is healthier compared to the latter. These are the details that you have to know when you use organic spices in your diet.

No pesticides

People are choosing organic products because it uses natural fertilizers such as compost and manure. They are not using any chemical pesticides and harmful chemicals during the process because it can affect the spices and herbs. Organic herbs and spices have more nutrients that are good for your health. And those spices and herbs that use pesticides and harmful chemicals can cause diseases.

Fresh spices and herbs

It needs to be fresh because it can lose its flavor and oils when it only sits in the bottle for months. When you have to buy herbs and spices it needs to be consumed for a certain period. As there are fewer chemical fertilizers and preservatives that are present. It only means that you have to use it while it is fresh because it can give you good health benefits.

Rich in nutrients

There are herbs and spices that use pesticides, chemicals, and preservatives that can destroy nutrients in spices and herbs. You have to buy good-quality organic spices that have nutrients that are healthier to use in your diet.

Boosts your immunity

There are different spices and herbs that you will see to fight diseases to increase your immunity. These are cumin, garlic, turmeric, and ginger. Also by using organic products rather than using other spices.

Better taste

It is known that organic seasoning is more ideal for your health than conventional herbs. There is also a reason for using organic spices which is the taste. When you use organic spices you are not adding preservatives and chemicals in your food will taste better because of organic spices in the food.


Climate change and global warming are harming the planet in which most places are experiencing it. Organic farming uses eco-friendly methods of farming which is ideal for the environment. Using organic spices is good for your health and the environment. There are people that use organic herbs and spices in their diet because of the nutrients you will get from them.