Special Education School In Singapore Is No Longer A Myth

Every parent needs to build their child’s future, so they require their child’s needs, weaknesses, and strengths. Then you can understand what type of assistance your child needs to facilitate their overall growth.

That’s why you need to clear some of your queries before deciding what type of special education school your children require, especially considering the special attention your child needs in Singapore.

This article discussed exceptional education support and assistance available in Singapore and how you benefit from those schools for your child.

What Is A Special Education School?

Special Education schools, In Singapore, also called ‘SPED schools,’ are designed to offer education for disabled children. Social Service Agencies (SSAs) control this kind of educational institution, which gets funding directly from the Ministry of Education.

These particular schools register under MOE. in Singapore. There are almost 20 SPED schools, and each offers different personalized training programs that will take care of varying disability batches of children.

special education school

Types Of Special Education Schools

In Singapore, there are 20 sped schools available for disabled children. You can easily find schools according to your requirements and students of specific age groups in different categories.

  1. Early Intervention Centers
  •  Children should be from zero to six years old.
  •  This kind of school recognizes and provides early support to children at a young age.
  •  Early effort can prevent any situations from arising and handle them satisfactorily before they get more destructive.
  1. Special Needs Preschools
  • Special education Schools in Singapore have preschool levels that offer exceptional care for children from 18 months to seven years old.
  •  Most of these kinds of schools offer customized classes adjusted to your child’s individual needs so they can gain independence in studies and the other side of life.

3.Special Needs Schools and Institutions

  • After the age of seven years, you like to think about a dedicated SPED school for your child’s future.
  • Depending on your child’s precise needs, you can find a school specialized in a specific type of help and direction required.

The Focus Of The SPED Schools

The SPED schools in Singapore concentrate on assisting those children who face the following challenges.

  • Mild ID
  • Sensory Impairment
  • Medium to Extreme ID
  • Multiple Disabilities
  • Numerous Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Based on the professional judgment of your child, you have a more practical idea of which alternatives are better for your kid.

What Are The Facilities Available In Special Education Schools?

  • SPED Schools in Singapore are generally furnished with suitable infrastructure specifically developed to offer the finest learning atmosphere for your children.
  •  This infrastructure includes hydrotherapy pools, sensory integration rooms, a therapy center, indoor playrooms, and rooms for vocational speech training.


for your particular child Entering a new school can be a difficult and overwhelming test for them. Especially when your child has exceptional needs, they need more help and motivation from you. You need to habituate them to the school setting and with the teachers so that you can guide your child in the most acceptable way possible.