Should I Put My Nickname on My Business Card?

Formality was considered to be polite and natural in years gone by, but that is something that has fallen by the wayside in this modern day and age. A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that people are starting to prefer efficiency over formality, something that can be seen in the manner in which people tend to dress while going for work. In the past, you needed to wear a suit to go to a white collar job at any given point in time or if you had a blue collar job you’d need to wear the uniform that is provided to you.

Nickname on My Business Card

Modern companies tend to forego having dress codes and instead opt for a more informal code of dressing that often includes t-shirts or at the very least tennis shorts with a soft color. This informality is extending to multiple other areas of business as well, with many bosses preferring that their employees call them by their name instead of using an honorific title like sir. Some are even going so far as to add their nicknames to their Metal Business Kards instead of their proper names, and this is a trend that is actually becoming astoundingly common!

The thing about real names is that they are often hard to make really unique unless you want your child to get bullied in life. Nicknames, on the other hand, can be truly distinctive. If you have a nickname that people know you by, you might want to add it to your business card although your real name should be featured somewhere on it as well.