How floor testing benefits

The key motive of testing your flooring is to avoid slipping which leads to serious injuries sometimes. You know according to reports, most of the elders lose their lives only due to slipping on floors. Not only elders, most of us, unfortunately, get slipped due to various reasons. So, to avoid slips from the floors, slip testing is highly recommended.

Being a businessman, it’s your responsibility to check whether your business flooring got tested out or not. Like does the floor is featured with slip resistance capability or not. This is why slip testing is very much important. Not only to companies but also to households, hospitals, and whatever flooring places, accidental slips need to get avoided.

Let’s know more about the slip tests

This is the test that is intended to check the slipperiness of the floor surface.  To avoid slipping on the floor accidents, some of the slip tests are advisable evenly. You know it is very difficult to find out what is anti-slip flooring. The slip tests are done based on the type of flooring only. Especially in commercial places, these slip tests are very helpful. To make your flooring a slip-proof surface, there is some kind of non-slip solution is added to treat the particular floor. So, here the non-slip solution which is applied is checked out whether it is effective or not. Does the solution make the floor an anti-slip type surface or not. This is how the basic slip test is done with the help of non-slip solutions.

Working of slip tests:

Based on the standards of the flooring type, slip tests are performed on it. For example, if the flooring type is tile, metal, and concrete-like surfaces then the slip test services do their duties to check whether the flooring is slip-proof or not. It is more important for business owners actually to avoid slip and fall accidents eventually.

Let’s see why slip resistance plays a key rolein tile flooring:

For example, consider the floor type namely tiles. Here the slip resistance of the tile floor type will be based on the following factors:

  • Initially before going with checking out the slip resistance of flooring tiles type,know the roughness of the surface is anything seen. So, with slip testing methods, you can see the surface from rough to smooth pattern.
  • And also check whetherthe tile flooring type is wet or dry and how long time the tile takes to dry.
  • Any kind of contamination is observed during oil or soaps used on this flooring type.
  • And make sure that the tiles are regularly cleaned and maintained perfect or not.

Based on these factors, slip resistance is known and if required you can also go through to perform the slip test or not:


Hope these slip tests are more important for different flooring types to avoid unfortunate accidents in the name of slipping on floors. In the above discussions, if you maintain tile flooring properly then the slip resistance will be fine. Otherwise, slip tests should be done to avoid slips on such tile flooring by applying non-flip solutions to it. Hope the article sounds useful.