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Effective Presentations With Microsoft PowerPoint

Project management requires a wide range of skills. Sometimes I joke that it takes being a “coach, mother, drill sergeant, teacher and therapist” all rolled into one. Public speaking does not come naturally to many of us. It may powerslides executive summary slide to surprise some to learn that twenty years ago I started out absolutely terrified of even introducing myself at a group meeting. I can attest that training and practice can make a presenter who truly loves being on stage. If it’s something that doesn’t feel natural to you, don’t worry. For most people, this takes training and practice.

Here are some of my best presentation tips I’ve picked up over the years. There are many books and resources for learning powerslides executive summary slide techniques.

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Top presentation tips for project managers:

If your boss asks you to come to an executive session to update the leadership team, dig deeper.

Build your presentation around your desired outcome: Start your presentation by stating your intentions. Don’t leave it as a surprise for the end. It is a tendency for project managers to build the case and then deliver the “ask” at the end. For example, if the purpose of your presentation is to gain  powerslides executive summary slide support for a business process change, then start there. Tell them that you will provide supporting details and then at the end you will open it up for discussion. It makes your audience listen better.